Human Resource Management

HRM includes all activities managers engage in to attract and retain employees and to ensure that they perform of organizational goals.

Recruitment and Selection

>>Recruitment includes all the activities managers engage in to develop a pool of qualified candidates for open positions.

>>Selection is the process by which managers determine the relative qualifications of job applicant.

  • Background information: education or work experience of candidate employee.
  • Interviews: to know the potential of applicant’s oral.
  • Paper and pencil test
  • Physical ability test
  • Performance test
  • References
  • The importance of reliability (equality of result of some selection measurement) and validity (correct methods).

Organizations needs human resources planning to forecast their current and future human resources needs. Job analysis is a second important activity because includes job description (description of perform the job) and job spesification (spesification of people needed).

Training and Development

>>Training is the process t acquire the knownledge and skills to be effective performers. Training includes classroom instruction, on the job training, apprenticeships.

>>Development is the process to build and prepare in the future. Development includes includes classroom instruction, on the job training, varied work experiences, and formal education.

Performance Appraisal and Feedback

>>Performance appraisal: to evaluate performance and contribution the employee.

>>Performance feedback: to share performance appraisal information to subordinates and give opportunity for the future period.

Pay and Benefit

>>Pay includes employee’s salaries, boneses, and the other by their work to achieve organization goals.

>>Benefit, such as compensation, insuranse, and the other thing which increasing employees motivation to perform/ work.

Labor Relations

There effective relations between employees and manager. The employee is assumed a partner for managers, not as an organization machine.


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